What is Redeem ?

'Redeem' stands for Read Error DEtection and Correction via Expectation Maximization. It is
a software developed in C++ for identifying and correcting read errors,
targeting at repetitive genomes. Different from existing methods for identifying sequencing errors, Redeem models genome repetition and can be fed with different error distributions.

Redeem has been developed by Xiao Yang, Srinivas Aluru and Karin Dorman.


  • GNU make -- to build Reptile we use Make build system. We tested GNU make.
  • C++ compiler -- GNU C++ compiler is recommended.


The program is available under GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 with some components under Boost Software License version 1.0

  • Release 1.1 Click here to download (included are a simple documentation (readme) file and all source files.)

The package includes a simple documentation (readme) file, and all source files required to build the application.


When using Redeem please cite:

X. Yang, S. Aluru and K. Dorman, “Repeat-aware Modeling and Correction of Short Read Errors”, BMC Bioinformatics, 2011.